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Finding work as a military spouse

Finding a job as a military spouse can be challenging. Not only are you potentially moving around every few years, but you’re also often in the middle of nowhere. Generally, the military needs a lot of wide open space for various activities, meaning that even if your base is “close” to a big city, it’s probably still at least 25-30 minutes away.

For example, here at Mountain Home AFB, we are 20 minutes from the town of Mountain Home, but there isn’t much in the town itself. It’s another 45 minutes from town to Boise. So if you live on base (or even in town), you’re limited to the kinds of jobs you’ll be able to find: WalMart, banks, and fast food.

I think the military spouses with medical experience probably have the easiest time finding positions. Even here, in the middle of nowhere, we have a hospital. But I could wrong, it may still be difficult! I don’t know, I don’t have medical experience! I was recently talking to a girl who is a registered EMT and she was saying she was having a hard time finding work here.

Fortunately, there are resources out there! If you don’t want to make the long commutes, (or like me, you find places don’t want to hire commuters), there are a wide variety of on base jobs available for military spouses.

There are two places to check out depending on what kind of job you want or are qualified for.

First is AAFES, which runs the BX. If you’re interested in retail, they are almost always hiring! You can check out their hiring website here.

If you’re looking for something a little different: child care, bartending, marketing, or lifeguarding, then NAF jobs are what you’re looking for.

I have an on base NAF job and it’s great. I work for the 336th Force Support Squadron on the marketing team. I make posters, a send out a weekly newsletter, take photos, make videos, and I manage the Facebook page.

If you’re interested in on or off base, I highly recommend checking with your base Airman and Family Readiness Center. They are an amazing resource for Airmen and their families and will be able to get you started in the right direction. Good luck with the job search!