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The Pros and Cons of Facebook support groups

Social media is an awesome tool, but when used incorrectly it can also be incredibly damaging.

Specifically with military support groups on Facebook, you are generally in a vulnerable place when you join these groups. Your spouse has probably just left for BMT or is leaving soon. You miss them. You’re looking for information or answers or friends. Maybe you will find those things, and I hope you do! But you can also find a lot of negativity.

I started the group Military Families Coming Together (cheesy, I know) as a way to form friendships with other military spouses, but also to spread positivity.

I know that one of things I chose to do on my YouTube channel is keep things real, even when that means I’m not being positive, but you have the option to not watch a video if you don’t want to. Unfortunately, when you’re in a Facebook group and those posts show up in your news feed (is it still called a news feed?) you don’t always have a chance to scroll past them until it’s too late.

People share stories of husbands cheating, lying, and divorcing. At one point, in one very popular group I was in, almost the entire feed was tales of divorce. When you’re in that vulnerable state and you don’t know if BMT is going to change your spouse, those are not the kinds of stories you want to be seeing every day.

Support groups can be great, but remember that they are there for support, meaning the most vocal people are going to be the ones with problems. Be confident in your relationship and don’t let those stories get to you.