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What if My Graduation Passes Never Arrive?

There are two possible scenarios for why this happened: either your trainee filled out the proper paperwork and something went wrong in delivery of the graduation passes or your trainee didn’t fill out the paperwork in time. Hopefully it’s the former. But I’ll walk you through both situations and help you to get on base for BMT graduation to see your trainee become an Airman.

First and foremost, if you are a spouse and you got your dependent I.D. card BEFORE graduation, you do not a graduation pass to get on base. You are good to go. You Can stop reading. Or you can keep reading. Up to you, really.

What paperwork do they need to fill out?

Before your spouse left for BMT, he or she SHOULD have gotten a Visitor Access Request Letter (VARL) from their recruiter. If they didn’t, that’s okay, they can fill one out once they’ve arrived. It has to be filled out by WOT 3, though, so it’s best if it gets done before they leave. This form has 10 spots to write the names and driver’s license numbers of anyone over the age of 18 who will be attending graduation. Children under the age of 18 do not need a pass or I.D. 

If the VARL does not get filled out, then passes will not be sent. Background checks have to be processed for hundreds of people every week so getting it done in advance is best. If it was NOT filled out by WOT 3, you will have to wait at the visitor center until your trainee finishes the coin ceremony on Thursday of graduation weekend and can come sponsor you on base. This means you will miss the Airman’s Run and the Coin Ceremony. Make sure this form gets filled out!

If you know for a fact that your spouse filled out a VARL because (like me) you were the one who filled it out, then keep reading.

The VARL was turned in on time and I still didn’t get my passes!

If it’s WOT 6 and you don’t have your passes yet, check with your spouses parents first. That’s where my passes went. If they also don’t have the passes then on your WOT 6 phone call, let your spouse know. When you get to San Antonio on Wednesday evening, head straight to the Luke East Gate Visitor Center and you should be able to get passes on the spot. This will only work if your spouse’s VARL was processed. Also, make sure you have I.D. at all times.

If it’s still early and you’re unsure if your trainee has filled out a VARL, you can print one here and mail it to him or her for signature.