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Makenna Gott on goals, marriage, and military wife life

Seriously, Makenna Gott is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She’s so positive and always smiling and it’s awesome. Also, she gives great advice.

Back in November 2016, I got the opportunity to attend VloggerFair in Seattle, WA. It just so happened that the Gotts were going as well.

For a little background, I have been watching Kyle Gott’s YouTube videos since Jeremy decided he wanted to join the military, which was just about 2 years ago. Around then Kyle and his wife Makenna had started a vlogging channel and I immediately started watching those videos as well. After a while of commenting, messaging, chatting, and starting my own channel we became friends so when we were all going to be in Seattle it was the perfect time to hang out!

One of the things I really want to focus on with my YouTube videos is empowering military spouses. So many of us feel like we have very few options because our options, especially career-wise, are limited to wherever the military sends our spouses. For a lot of us, that’s small towns in the middle of nowhere and career opportunities are limited. Many feel like they have to put their dreams on hold and I don’t believe that’s the case. I believe that as long as we try hard enough and stop making excuses, we can achieve our goals even within the confines of the military lifestyle.

But that’s just my opinion. I want to bring military spouses onto my channel who have basically done this. They haven’t let the military stop them from pursuing their goals. Makenna is one of those people.

A few of the things we talk about are YouTube, modeling, and being a stay-at-home-spouse. We talk about how Kyle’s Air Force career has given them opportunities to pursue dreams they never thought possible. And Makenna shares her best advice with all the people out there who don’t feel like their dreams are attainable. Be sure to check it out and let me know what goals you are trying to pursue!