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Moving Away From Home

When I was 18, I moved 399 miles away from from home. I was going to college. I was ready to here be anywhere but home. I was ready to get out and experience new things, learn new things, and meet new people. And I did. I made lifelong friends, I experienced some crazy things, and most importantly I learned how much I wanted to be surrounded by the people I love forever.

Then Jeremy joined the Air Force and once again, I moved away from home. 665 miles away from not only my family, but all of my best friends. It was a lot harder this time.

We moved from California to Idaho, a state to which I had never been. I knew nothing about Idaho and I knew no one in Idaho.

It has been a rough transition for both of us. No matter how much we want to say we didn’t like California, we are Californians at heart and sometimes we stick out here.

I’ve noticed my sarcastic sense of humor often gets mistaken for me being rude. I talk a little differently, using words like “dude” and “hella,” and phrases such as “yeah, no.”

When you move somewhere new, you become very aware of things you always thought were normal, but turned out to be regional. But eventually you learn to adapt.

Skype, social media, and smart phones have made it increasingly easier to keep loved ones close. I’m constantly texting or tweeting at my friends and family. We’ll be missing Christmas this year, but we plan to Skype/FaceTime our families so it’ll almost be like we’re there!

I know it can be tough, especially if it’s your first time living away from home. Hang in there. You’ll make friends eventually and you’ll have a new place to call home.