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What the Air Force has given me

I say this a lot: military life is hard. You move around, you go places you maybe don’t want to go, you do jobs you don’t want to do, you have to make new friends all the time. Other than financial stability (and maybe a sense of purpose) there aren’t a lot of positives associated with military life. Especially as the spouse.

We often get stereotyped as these sad little puppies that just follow our husbands where they get stationed and we don’t live our own lives. We sit around all day, maybe clean the house and cook dinner. None of us are educated. None of us work. None of us have goals or dreams and even if we do, we can’t pursue them.

None of that is true. At least not for all of us.

Jeremy joining the military has given me so many opportunities that I never would have even imagined. Yes, there are hard times. For both of us. But there have been a lot of positives as well.

1. We are living in a state that we have considered moving to in the past, but didn’t have the financial means to do so. That’s awesome. We got the opportunity to move to Idaho and we love it here. We probably won’t leave.

2. We have a house. Now, we don’t own our house, we rent it, BUT we pay less per month for this house than we paid for half of a two bedroom apartment back home. And that entire apartment could fit in our current living room.

3. The financial stability has given me the opportunity to pursue my creative goals such as blogging and creating YouTube videos. These are things I never would have been able to do when I was working full time back home.

4. If we had kids and I wanted to stay home, I could. That never would have been possible before.

Yes, military life is hard. And it’s not for everyone. And we now know it’s not for us. In 3 more years, we’re leaving it behind. But we will always be great full for the opportunities it has given us. Both of us.

Zoe Wolff